A Mother's Calling

We are mothers, from all ages and walks of life, who want to raise our children with faith, morals, ethics, and a strong foundation of Catholic values through the ministry of motherhood. Through fellowship, we share experiences and ideas to help support each other in strengthening our families' faith through the exploration of scripture, bible studies, and prayer.

Motherhood is hard. Especially in current times, where it seems "typical behavior" is often contradictory to our Catholic faith. How do we raise our children in faith? How do we stay strong in the fight? That is what our group is here for. We are supporting each other in this endeavor. All mothers are welcome, from those who are pregnant, to mothers of school aged children, to mothers of children who are already out of the house. The more diverse our mother's backgrounds are, the more wisdom, experience, and spirituality A Mother's Calling will have to give! We would especially like to reach out to new moms. The long journey ahead can be a wonderful journey with Christ by your side, and with the support of mothers who walk their journey in faith and devotion.


Weekly (twice a month during the summer for play dates) on Wednesday mornings, 9:15 am-11:45am


Kindness/Compassion, Faith, Prayer


Nursery, if desired ( $4 for one child, $7 for two or more per week, collected monthly)


Lisa Ferreira