Saintly Stitchers Quilt Group

We are a service group that provides, through our time and talents, one quilt annually to be used as a donation/raffle item to help raise money for the building fund. We also try to provide or make the church linens, such as corporals and purificators that are used to celebrate mass. We help with the vestments for our priest and our deacons. And, we provide quilts to the nursing home associated with our church, to traumatized children and to those in need during major disasters(hurricanes, fires, etc.).

We are a service group that gathers weekly to work on prayer quilts and blankets for those parishioners that are seriously ill or injured. We also help by making purificators and corporals that are used during mass. Vestments are also purchased whenever the deacons indicate a need.

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9:30AM - 12:00PM
Thursday mornings, as listed in bulletin


Organization, Artistic/Creative, Giving


No cost


Sylvia Darcy