Youth Choir* (7th—12th grade)

Our purpose is to lead the congregation in music for the Mass. Our personal goal is to become better musicians and learn to use our ministry and talents to strengthen our relationship with the Lord.


Wednesdays at 5:30-6:45 in the Choir room is an optional practice time for those that would like more time to practice for mass the following Sunday.

Sundays we meet at 4:30pm (unless specified for 4pm) in the choir room to practice altogether before Mass.

We minister every Sunday unless otherwise told. Your commitment to every week (unless you’ve spoken to me) is needed to maintain a cohesive and strong sound at Mass.


The want/will to learn to sing or play an instrument.

Willing to speak or become more comfortable in front of a group people.


No cost, but we do follow a dress code – nice clothes. No jeans, tennis shoes, flip flops…


Kerianne Wright